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Deep Fried Nerves
A fictional novel on the intimate examination of burnout and how it affects careers, relationships, and families.
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Ashok Bhattacharya MD, FRCP

Practicing individual and couple psychotherapy since 1989.

Dr. Bhattacharya has been speaking on the subject of burnout around the globe. Such engagements include:

Grand Rounds at Homewood Health Centre
Guelph, Ontario — June 2018
Global Research & Development Services
27th International Conference on Psychology & Language Research (ICPLR) — Global Research & Development Services (GRDS)
Bangkok, Thailand — December 2017
International Mental Health Congress
Weights, Measurements, & Controversies
Estremoz, Portugal — October 2016
International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry
17th International Conference on Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology
Frutillar, Chile — October 2015
World Congress of Psychiatry
Focusing on Access, Quality and Humane Care
Madrid, Spain — September 2014


Deep Fried Nerves

A fictional novel that follows a burnt out psychiatrist through to his recovery.


A guide to reciprocal empathy for couples. CAKE is written in four sections: Challenge, Action, Knowledge, and Empathy.


Professional Burnout

After many years, some of us are enjoying a stable life with either a busy clinical practice, or research, or academic, or teaching careers in medicine. Everything that works breaks, and physicians work very hard from the moment they enter medical school. As doctors we base our lives around that same career that taxes the balance required to be healthy. Doctors are often the most stressed of the professions, yet we are expected to be a model of health, wellness, and optimism. Burnout is the inevitable result of the imbalance of work and life outside of work. It distances us form the objectives we all started out with: to be our best. Burnout has become an epidemic.

In this seminar the attendee will learn how to recognize burnout in their patients and themselves. and reflect on their own practice to assess the presence of this condition in themselves and their peers. Burnout will be differentiated from depression and addictions, which are common accompaniments.

Burnout is a multi-determined condition caused by work/life imbalance, poor time management, distortions in self-assessment, and perception of job satisfaction. The attendee will be able to identify these factors separately and dynamically to be able to formulate these factors and interpret them accurately. The attendee will be able to apply the learning to recognize burnout and implement the necessary adjustments to minimize the deleterious effects of burnout.

As physicians, we are all role models of health and wellness. The attendee will be able to examine and evaluate the level of burnout they may be experiencing, or recognize the same in a colleague. Furthermore, the attendee will be able to analyze the effect of their burnout on their practice and the transmission of it to their patients. Finally, as teachers, the attendee will be able to share this knowledge with others, especially younger medical graduates who have yet to set up and design their careers so that they will minimize the effects of burnout.

This seminar is an inoculation against the epidemic of burnout. As medical school applications decline and our population increases, especially the old, sick, and infirm, who will look after these people? We have to begin the conversation that ends burnout before the profession burns out.

To book a seminar, please email: theempathyclinic@gmail.com


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